Your body and mind are not meant to be fixed,
They are meant to be freed.

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relief of tension + pain 

a calming of your nervous system

an improvement in your body posture

a balanced mind + perceptions

a release of postural holdings

greater steadiness + stability

ease of movement within your body

to resolve internal or external conflict

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I am a dedicated bodywork therapist, Psychosomatic Therapy practitioner and trained Demartini Method® facilitator with a deep interest and curiosity in exploring the psycho-emotional relationship we have with our body and how our perceptions of our life events and experiences come to impact on our physical body and our world.

To have the opportunity to facilitate individuals to overcome their challenges, balance their emotions, and to understand and connect with themselves and life at a deeper level after being compromised through feelings of restriction or pain, or through mental ill-health such as anxiety and depression is a big reason behind my why.

Our bodies are naturally capable of moving towards balance and healing given the right environment and appropriate care.

 Paying attention to the subtle and not so subtle ways our bodies communicate, with an open and inquisitive mind, can create an opportunity for deeper personal understanding.”

– Sarah Alexander

from my clients...

"Hi Sarah, thank you again for my session yesterday. It was so interesting. I didn't realise my body was actually showing how fast I was living my life. It's been such a great insight for me and you'll be pleased to know that I've already made some changes. I feel relieved. I can't thank you enough!"
Sally T.
Customer Service Rep
"I have never felt cared for like that before. Thank you."
Anne M.
"Sarah is a great massage therapist. I have been to see Sarah for various pains in my right hip, calves and shoulder. She inspires trust and seemed to know where my body needed the attention and how much pressure was required that was also comfortable for me. I felt much better after my sessions."
Daniel N.
"Sarah is highly skilled as well as respectful, gentle and intuitive. Her bodywork is having a profoundly positive impact on my well-being."
Zoe R.

"Emotion arises at the place where mind and body meet. It is the body's reaction to your mind - you might say, a reflection of your mind in the body"

- Eckhart Tolle


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- Psychosomatic Education
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"This is your body, your greatest gift,
pregnant with wisdom you do not hear,
grief you thought was forgotten,
and joy you have never known."

- Marion Woodman